Workshop of the World

stories of industry in & around Philadelphia


Vincent R. Courtenay, Ideas That Move America, the Budd Company at 75" (printed by the Budd Company, Troy, MI, 1987).

Discovering the Philadelphia Tradition (a booklet produced by the Philadelphia Area Cultural Consortium with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, December 1980).

John J. McFarlane,
Manufacturing in Philadelphia, 1683-1912 (Librarian and Statistician for the Philadelphia Commercial Museum, 1912, on file at the Philadelphia Free Library).

Philip Scranton and Walter Licht, Work Sights: Industrial Philadelphia, 1890-1950 (Philadelphia, 1986).

Philadelphia, Old and New, (illustrated, compiled, and published by Consolidated Illustrating Company, Philadelphia, 1895).

Paul R. Kaiser, Tasty Kake—A Record of Quality (Newcomen Society in North America, 1978).

Richard Tilghman Nalle, President of the Midvale Company, The Midvale Company (a Newcomen Society Address, found in the Business & Industry Section of the Philadelphia Free Library).


Scranton and Licht's book Work Sights gives a detailed account of the industrial history of Midvale Steel; it also contains numerous, highly-detailed photographs of various aspects of Midvale's operation and production. It is an excellent tribute to one of Philadelphia's most important industries now gone.

Germantown Historical Society Library has an extensive collection of material on the life of Frederick Taylor. Mr. Taylor resided in Germantown while employed at Midvale Steel.