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Fels & Co., c.1895
73rd Street & Island Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19142

John Mayer, Workshop of the World (Oliver Evans Press, 1990).

In 1895 Joseph Fels acquired the rights to a new soap-making process that "fixed a naphtha or benzine solvent" into the laundry soap. Fels Naptha became a standard in the laundry room as a reliable and economical cleaning product. The international success of Fels Naptha encouraged Joseph Fels to relocate to Southwest Philadelphia and a larger industrial site. 1
There is little documentation for this large mill complex located on a water-powered mill-seat on Cobbs Creek. Originally the location of the John L. Passmore mill, the Fels Company was a large manufacturer of soap during the early twentieth century.
2 The factory employed as many as 657 workers through the 1930s. 3
The mill complex is currently being demolished/renovated for use as condominiums and warehouses.

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Update May 2007 (by Joel Spivak):
Demolished. A BP gas station and an Advanced Auto Parts store were built on this site.