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S.B. Fleischer Mills, c.1916
25th, 26th, Reed, and Dickinson Streets, Philadelphia PA 19146

John Mayer, Workshop of the World (Oliver Evans Press, 1990).
S.B. Fleischer's large mill complex, designed by Frank Hahn, is an example of early twentieth-century industrial construction. Consuming virtually an entire city block, the poured-concrete structure consolidated the operations of S.B. and F.W. Fleischer at a single site. The main building was used for spinning, weaving, finishing, and storage. The site also contains a separate power plant on 25th street and the dye house on the corner of Dickinson and 25th.

The Fleischer firm dates back to 1869 when Simon B. and Moyer Fleischer began manufacturing braid and trimmings on North 22nd Street in the Spring Garden area of North Philadelphia. The South Philadelphia location allowed Fleischer to take advantage of the convenient rail lines and to expand into an integrated facility. The Fleischer Company went out of business in 1930, largely to avoid bankruptcy.

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