Workshop of the World

stories of industry in & around Philadelphia

Asher Candy
Breyer's Ice Cream
Jack Frost Sugar
Shad fishing
Sugar Refinery
Tasty Baking

BREWING "Philadelphia was the first city on the continent to produce malt liquors in large quantities. penn and others had brew houses on their own grounds. T. Frampton in 1684, followed Anthony Morris in 1687, were among the first brewers. Francis Perot started a brewery in 1818. Robert Hare manufactured porter and ale as early as 1780. The first lager beer made in the United States was manufactured in Philadelphia by Wagner in 1842."—Manufacturing in Philadelphia, 1682-1912, p. 78.
Ortlieb Brewing
Proto Brewery
Schmidt's Brewery
Weisbrod & Hess / Yards Brewing

Arctic Cold Storage
Glen Willow Ice Manufacturing
Kensington Hygeia Ice Co.