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stories of industry in & around Philadelphia

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- Philadelphia in the World War, 1914-1919 (Philadelphia War History Committee, 1922), pp. 454-455.

The Tacony Steel Company, before the war, manufactured side rods and propeller shaftings for railroads and shipyards. From this organization, the Tacony Ordnance Company was formed and, as an agent for the Government, constructed a steel plant, covering twenty-five acres, adjoining its original plant. May 15, 1918, seven months after construction began, the buildings, costing $3,000,000, were complete and ready for operation. One month later, the first carload of gun forgings was shipped. By December, 1918, seventy-five forgings for the 155-millimeter guns and thirty-four forgings for the 2,40-millimeter howitzer had been made.