Workshop of the World

stories of industry in & around Philadelphia


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Kensington: A Bibliographic Guide to material on Kensington in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, prepared in part by Torben Jenk, Ken Milano and Rich Remer of the Kensington History Project.

Pasted Graphic 2 offers a comprehensive history of Penn's Treaty (1682) and Penn Treaty Park, with a bibliography to many historical documents online.

Pasted Graphic Pennsylvania Legacies, Vol 2 No 2, Nov 2002, has articles on the early history of Kensington and Fishtown:
Rich Remer,
Fishtown and the Shad Fisheries
Rich Remer,
Old Kensington
Ken Milano,
John Hewson: Kensington's Revolutionary War Hero
Torben Jenk,
The Kensington History Project: Can History Become The Future

Pasted Graphic An Image of Peace—The Penn Treaty Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Meyer P. Potamkin (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, 1996), 44 pages, illustrations, black & white and color illustrations. Partially online.
Vivian Potamkin writes: "One day, during a period of intense concern over the Vietnam war, I was viewing a painting by Edward Hicks entitled
Penn's Treaty. I suddenly realized that this nineteenth-century folk artist's interest in the Treaty legend, and his many versions of the subject, were a significant indication of man's desire for peace. Knowing the painting had been inspired by an eighteenth-century print after Benjamin West's famous painting of 1771, I wondered how many other artists were similarly inspired, and how much the viewing public was concerned." The Potamkin's assembled a superb and diverse collection of paintings, prints and objects which portray Penn's Treaty including a jig saw puzzle, fabrics, medals, ceramics, and much more. The Potamkin's gave this collection to the State of Pennsylvania "with the hope the viewer will realize the exalted ideal of peace for all nations, upon which the state of Pennsylvania was founded."

Pasted Graphic 1 Fishtown, a Slice of Life—300 Years in Philadelphia, 1682-1982, Karen Grant, Ken Robertson, Julia Robertson & Sandy Salzman (Fishtown Civic Association, 1982), 48 pages, black & white illustrations.
To celebrate the 300th anniversary of William Penn's Treaty with the Indians, neighbors produced this collection of brief histories, suggested walking tours, reminiscences and photos.