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"Batty's Mill, Job Batty, Owner." (1879), Hexamer #1375.

Job Batty and Sons Company
, 1878
East side of Emerald Street between East Hagert Street and Letterly Street.

Carmen A. Weber, Irving Kosmin, and Muriel Kirkpatrick, Workshop of the World (Oliver Evans Press, 1990).

The four story brick building on the southeast corner of East Hagert and Emerald Streets was constructed in 1878 and held the Job Batty and Sons carpet yarn mill. Shoddy, a yarn produced from rags (in this case, carpet rags) with the addition of new wool, was manufactured by Batty, along with woolen carpet yarn, in the basement and first floor. Batty employed eighteen hands. A tenant, Joshua Madeley, made cotton yarn with about twenty hands in the remainder of the building. 1

1   Hexamer General Survey #1375 (1879) "Batty's Mill, Job Batty, Owner."

Update May 2007 (by Torben Jenk):
Demolished. Replaced by a new building was built for the Kensington Culinary Arts High School.